Sunday, June 9, 2013

Classroom Set Up!

Welcome to my room! We transitioned from calling it the Resource Room to the Learning Center. Not sure why. I guess because we felt the Learning Center better represented what was happening in our room. 

So here is a glimpse of my set up. I am always changing my room, but these two areas stay about the same.

 This is our break area. Inside the tent, there is a mat, lycra bag and a weighted blanket. I never use this area for a negative consequence. This is a safe place for the students to come and take a break when they are overwhelmed. I am working with one student with Autism to teach him to use the 5 point scale. When he hits a 4 in the frustration his favorite thing right now is the lycra bag!

This is my group work area. This year I used a modified Writers Workshop during the 30 minute intervention times that I worked with students. I combined writing and reading strategies during my instruction. The students write in this area. The multi-colored drawers in the background hold all the writing paper. I had to make procedures and expectations clear for the students using the ball chairs and I still have to limit the use sometimes, but the movement is really good for the kiddos. 

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